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Direct search is the preferred method when it comes to recruiting for demanding roles. Thus, we systematically search out the potential employees you seek. In individual cases we supplement the direct search with advertisements in select media. Our approach in detail:

  • Environment analysis – analysis of the environment surrounding the role; formulation of a job profile listing responsibilities and requirements
  • Market analysis – by our own researchers, objective: To pinpoint the special features of the market environment and to identify possible candidates
  • Candidate selection – analysis of CVs and references, interviews, collation of references and carrying out screening tests where required
  • Presentation of the candidates – by the responsible consultant; supervision during the presentation followed by joint reflection on the discussion. Your benefit: Maximum confidence in the decision-making process
  • handle Styletex23 Bag Grey Top Light Men's Support in the integration phasePeriodic Flight Cook Black Retro Dressdown Red Bag Element awFx5O – if desired

Counsel with a Guarantee of Success
Our fee is based on the difficulty of the job. We are duty bound to keep searching until a solution is found.

Objectivity through Exclusivity
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We only accept companies and not candidates as clients.

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